A dream on water becomes a reality in the "Serenissima"

Like an exhilarating movie scene, in the host city of the world's most historic film festival, Venezia FC turned its 23-24 season "dream" into a happy reality! We are proud to have been promoted once again to Lega Serie A, in what marks the conclusion of an unforgettable season!

The final match held in our magical lagoon city just over a week ago concluded with a 1-0 result, at our historic Stadio Penzo with a goal by striker Christian Gytkjaer, who earned the MVP title. A true “dream on water” in a city known for its dreamy, romantic canals, reminiscent of movie sets, the players, fans, and entire community celebrated the Serie A "dream" throughout the majestic city following the match at the stadium and at Saint Mark’s Square and throughout the vibrant canals, with a spectacular parade on the Grand Canal. This parade was an incredible and emotional experience for all involved as our players, along with their families, and our entire club celebrated with our fans, spectators, and the entire community.

“The marketing and communications strategy for the promotion was a tribute to our unique brand identity while incorporating the sentiment felt among our fans and within the entire club leading up to the final. Within the community there were discussions regarding how it would be the ultimate ‘sogno’ to return to Serie A. Our promotion slogan, dream on water, reflects our reality and the majestic celebrations that took place throughout the Venetian canals and derives from our corporate slogan football on water, said Silvia Daví, Chief Marketing & Communications Officer of Venezia FC.

Playing football for one of the most beautiful and dreamy cities in the world is a great honor and evokes a sense of pride for our players and club representatives. To mark this special milestone, the Mayor of Venice honored our players and sporting team following our victory at their offices in an emotional visit.

None of this would have been possible if we didn’t have the support of our wonderful partners who have provided unwavering support throughout the entire season. We would like to recognize the partners that participated in making our Promotion festivities a complete success. A special thank you to San Servolo Centro Venezia Eventi for hosting us in their lovely venue and to Gruppo Montenegro for providing the celebratory bar for our reception. Lastly, we would like to thank Moovit for their part in helping notify Venetian visitors of our victory parade via their push notifications on the Grand Canal.

During and following the match, we enlisted the support of many local figures. From Venetian cultural influencer Carlotta Berti, who created a fan-based testimony of the day to the local poet Silvano Visintin from Lido, whom through the year developed a friendship with our Sporting Director and penned a personal victory poem for the club. For our private celebration we enlisted, DJ Spiller, an internationally acclaimed musician, who’s song “Groovejet” was used for our victory reel and played at our private club celebratory reception for our players, employees, investors, and families.

We look forward to continuing to make our fans proud by making new history together with our supporters and partners within our local and global community while serving as proud ambassadors of the majestic city of Venice.